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Statistical Service

The Statistical Service is responsible for the regular and timely production of statistics and the provision of reliable statistical information on events in Cyprus.

341 datasets
Department of Lands and Surveys

The Department of Lands and Surveys is probably the most important pillar of socio-economic development in our country, as it deals with the land, which is one of the leading factors for progress, prosperity and development in the Cypriot economy.

158 datasets
Department of Environment

Department's vision is to become the authority that protects and enhances the environment and also aims to ensure sustainable development and improve the quality of life.

75 datasets
Nicosia Municipality

The last divided capital in Europe.

47 datasets
Cyprus Police

Mission of the Police is to protect the life and property of people living, working or visiting our country.

43 datasets
Ministry of The Interior

The Ministry of The Interior is responsible for promoting sustainable and balanced development through an integrated economic, social and environmental strategy, in a way that always promotes the safety and quality of life of citizens.

38 datasets
Department of Labour Inspection

The mission of the Department is the continuous and constant improvement of safety and health levels at the workplaces, the protection of employees, the public and the environment from risks arising from ionising radiation, chemical substances, machinery, equipment and offshore oil and gas extraction activities, as well as air quality monitoring.

37 datasets
Department of Forests

To maintain the forests in the best possible condition and achieve the greatest environmental, social and economic benefits that will be balanced, will be based on the principle of sustainability and will fulfil the expectations of the society.

35 datasets
Social Insurance Services

The Department of Social Insurance Services of the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance is responsible among others for the application of the government policy in the area of social insurance with the implementation of specific schemes and measures.

27 datasets
Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health responsibility is the continuous improvement of the health of the population of Cyprus, through the prevention of disease, and the provision to every citizen of high level health care, respecting the rights of every patient to high quality medical care delivered with dignity.

27 datasets